Making cloze hint in a different colour

Is there HTML or CSS code which could make the cloze hint appear in a different colour to the cloze text itself :question:

If you want to customize the appearance or behaviour, you’ll need to implement the hint field yourself. We can not provide any support for doing so, but the following code should get you started:

<a class=hint href="#"
onclick="'none';document.getElementById('hint4753594160').style.display='inline-block';return false;">
Show Back</a><div id="hint4753594160" class=hint style="display: none">{{Back}}</div>

This does not work with cloze notes and cards.
What I meant is this part



Is it not working?
{{c1::123456::<span style="color: rgb(0, 255, 127);">XYZ</span>}}

If you type your question into Google, then the second site gives the answer.

$('.cloze').not(":contains('[...]')").css('color', 'green') 

Perfect! This solves it. Many thanks!