How to italicize the part of a Cloze that is showing?

I read in the manual that you can use CSS (I’m not familiar with this unfortunately) that you can format the Cloze text. I got that working. However, I’m wondering how I could italicize the text that is already showing but is a Cloze for another card, e.g., Anki is asking for {{c2::}} but {{c1::}} and {{c3::}} are showing. It’s the c1 and c3 that’s showing that I would like to italicize.

Apologize if I overlooked this in the manual, I have never dealt with CSS or formatting of this kind.

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Use .cloze-inactive. For example

.cloze-inactive {
    font-style: italic;

This feature is introduced in 2.1.56, however I’ve just checked the manual and I didn’t find relevant instruction.


Big thank you PilgrimLyieu!

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