Different Cloze Color for Night Mode (Desktop)

could you add an option to change the cloze color in night mode or set it to something better visible with the dark background? The navy blue is really aggressive and hard to see


You could change it directly in the Cloze card Styling section, assuming you always use it in night mode:

.cloze {
font-weight: bold;
color: orange;
font-size: 23px;

Thanks that worked perfectly!
An option button for the average user would still be nice :slight_smile:

For anyone stumbling across this:
Anki > Tools > Manage Note Types > Cloze > Cards… > Styling change the color!

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I don’t know if there’s a specific css tag for knowing if the UI is in night mode or day mode but if so, the default Cloze tag should switch the font color based on that.

The default cloze styling contains:

.nightMode .cloze {
 color: lightblue;
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Thx, saved that info my notes, of some reason my Cloze card didn’t have it but it might have been overwritten.

It was only added to the default notetypes when Anki introduced night mode, so if you’ve been using Anki for a number of years, your templates won’t have it.

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Good day!

Is it possible to highlight the clozed words (automatically) instead of changing their font colors?

Yes it is, for that you can use background-color instead of color in the CSS.


.cloze { background-color: lightblue; }