Make my own pop ups

I don´t know if its posible to add my own pop up info…

My cards are like this:


{{Información extra}}


Some time I add numbers on principal topics, and later on the {información extra} I add extra explanations… like this:

There is a way to add this extra info as pop-up, to appear only when I click on them?

That is a lot of information for a single card. I would suggest dividing it into different cards, to be honest. I recommend you check this (especially number 4).

In any case, to answer your question: yes, you can hide the information in different ways. You can add hint to a field like this {{hint:Información extra}}, so it will appear when you tap or click on it.

Or even better, use:

<summary> Información extra</summary>
{{Información extra}}

This will create an expandable block called Información extra (you can change that inside the sumary tags) and when you click it, it will show {{Información extra}} or whatever you want to put in it. The good thing about this is that you can expand and collapse it whenever you want.

You can do the same for the diagrams or any other section of the card template.

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For cards like these which have a lot of info, try using

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