Does anyone here know if there is an add-on that you could hide and show information in card?


I want to know if there is an add-on that do what I’m asking because some of my cards have a lot of information to answer a question and I want to compress (hide) whenever I want like in programming when you have a lot of codes, and it’s getting too big, so you compress (hide) them.

It’s not really clear what you’re asking for. The information in your example doesn’t make sense (before you edited it).

Do you mean compressing the underlying HTML? That is already minified by the editor.

You can put information in a card as much as you want to answer a question. The information could be big, or it could be small and made an example in the drawing. I want to know if there is an add-on that you can hide, as is showing by the symbol that I made in the drawing.

If I understand you correctly, you are looking to add a collapsible element to your card template, ie. a “show more” button. You don’t need an add-on for that, html and the tiniest bit of JavaScript will do just fine.

An example (to verify this solves your problem) and some sample code to get you started can be found here.

That sounds like a lot of trouble :worried: I’m probably going to have to do that to all the cards I already created. Do have any tutorial on how to do this step by step? I wonder if this could help me with the thing I made to hide some answer that is already in front of the cards. I mixed the type down the answer with cloze deletion and now after the update whenever I’m editing a card it shows me a warning sign saying that cloze deletion can be only used in the kind cloze deletion card. It doesn’t prohibit me to mix them, but the sign is getting on my nerves. Also, do you have tips or other quality-of-life things like this?

Obs: like some kind of hide text code. With some command of course like cloze deletion {{c1::}} After the answering, you could see the answer.

Yes, and you may not like this, but read the manual and try out the things it mentions for yourself. Existe uma versão em português.

From your answers it seems you don’t yet understand Anki’s functionality fully. Reading the manual will most likely save you a ton of time in the long run. Like knowing how to edit note types and card templates to avoid having to make changes to each individual card, as you mention. Using cloze cards to hide information on the front is really exactly what cloze cards should be used for, but I think you’re still misusing it a bit if you always get an error.

Anki is a very powerful and elegant tool when mastered, although it has a steeper learning curve than other tools.


I have ADHD and English is not my native language. For me, it is really easy to get frustrated about some things, and that’s why I like to talk or ask things.

You and me both, brother.

Take it slow - read one chapter at a time - watch the videos. Maybe there’s even more videos available in Portuguese.

Some of your problems are very basic. Explaining everything again in the forum is not feasible. AND our explanation will be in English, the manual is in Portuguese for you.

If you have any specific questions, like the one about collapsible items, feel free to ask here again.

Best of luck!

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there are 2 ways to do this.

  1. i use “cloze one at a time” to show info bit by bit

  2. HTML have a collapse element, indeep someone made into an addon.

but the 2nd one being HTML, is less user friendly.
when i press enter, it made a new entry instead of give me a new line.
seems i have to use shift+enter to give a new line.

anyway, both works but i try to avoid “2”.
i use “1” daily, using the v1.5 cloze one by one by an user name start /w “O”. he/she is from russia.

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