Revealing Hidden Information Specific To A Card

I’ve searched for an answer but couldn’t find anything adequate. I’m trying to find a way to hide certain information and reveal all the information at once when you hover over the text. Alternatively, a button to reveal all hidden information would work too. Or another alternative might be to replace the text with a duplicate text containing hidden information. This information should be specific to that card. The structure might look something like this.

Text A [hidden information for Text A]
Text B [hidden information for Text B]

For example,
Front Field: Name 3 countries that start with P
Back Field: 1. Portugal [population around 10 million], 2. Poland [capital is Warsaw], 3. Peru [country in South America]

When you hover over the specific text, it will reveal all information in brackets.

Anki supports clickable hints on both card sides:

If it’s important to you that it shows on hover you can implement this behaviour yourself using HTML and CSS.

Thank you for your help Rumo. However, I was looking for something more specific. I am aware of hint fields and the code to have text revealed when you hover over it. The issue with hint fields is that, if I were to use it in this case, I would need to create a new field for every single card. I am specifically wondering if there is a way to create hidden information that is unique to that card, not the same information that can be applied to multiple cards using a single field.

A card is composed of a template and its note’s fields which are referenced by the template. So every piece of information on the card must be either stored in the template or a note field.
You could have a field like this:

1. <span class="hover">Portugal</span>
<span class="hint"> [population around 10 million]</span>
, 2. <span class="hover">Poland</span>
<span class="hint"> [capital is Warsaw]</span>
, 3. <span class="hover">Peru</span>
<span class="hint"> [country in South America]</span>

And implement the hover functionality in the template styling.
Not sure if this is what you’re looking for as it would show the same hints for all templates the field is used in. If you need template-specific hints, you have to add a similar field like the above for every template.

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Looks like a bad card to me. “Hints” are NOT tested - there are no questions for them.
It can be fixed by using Hints+Prompt, but it is too much work.

Better solution – Multiple C1 c1 c1 clozes with Java script ( available ); you can open each C1 by clicking on one c1 at a time.

Thanks Rumo and Vit. I’ll try both and see which is better.