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I mostly use note types that I designed myself, and I just started using the ‘hint’ field capability. I love it but I would like to change something and I don’t know how. The hint fields as I use them now show on my actual cards as the name of that field, but since some of my notes have multiple cards on them and so also multiple hint fields, I would like it not to display as something like ‘card 2 hint’ (since that would give something away) but rather simply as ‘hint’. Is there a way I could do this?

To change the name, you need to use code like at the bottom of Field Replacements - Anki Manual

Thanks for responding. Do you mean this stuff:

? Because I don’t understand what’s going on there…

The following is from chatGPT. “Toggle” is a bit misleading, but it should give you the basic idea.

The code you provided is a section of an Anki card template that is used to create flashcards in the Anki software. Let’s break it down:


This line checks if the field named “Back” exists in the card’s content. It acts as a conditional statement and ensures that the following code is only executed if the “Back” field is present.

<a class=hint href="#"
onclick="this.style.display='none';document.getElementById('hint4753594160').style.display='inline-block';return false;">
Show Back</a>

This code creates a link labeled “Show Back.” When clicked, it hides the link itself (this.style.display='none') and reveals the content of the field with the ID ‘hint4753594160’ (document.getElementById('hint4753594160').style.display='inline-block'). This behavior allows the user to toggle between viewing the front and back of the flashcard.

<div id="hint4753594160" class=hint style="display: none">{{Back}}</div>

This code defines a hidden <div> element with the ID ‘hint4753594160’. Initially, the div is set to have a display property of ‘none’, meaning it’s not visible. Inside the <div>, the content of the “Back” field is displayed using {{Back}}. When the “Show Back” link is clicked, this <div> element becomes visible (display='inline-block'), revealing the back of the flashcard.


This line closes the conditional statement started with {{#Back}}. It ensures that the code within the conditional block is only executed if the “Back” field exists.

Overall, this Anki card template creates a flashcard with a link labeled “Show Back” that, when clicked, reveals the back of the flashcard. It allows the user to switch between viewing the front and back sides of the flashcard by toggling the visibility of the content.

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