Hint link is not labeled "Show hint"

Instead, the label that’s shown is the name of the field that provides the hint. In other words, if I use {{hint:ItsaBird}}, the hint hyperlink’s label is not “Show hint”, but rather “ItsaBird”. This behavior does not correspond to what the manual says, which is:

[Y]ou can tell Anki to include it on the card but hide it by default by adding the following to your template:


This will show a link labeled “show hint”; when you click it, the content of the field will be displayed on the card.

So, what am I missing here?

i think it’s changed. if you really wanna change that and display your text and styling instead(as i do :/) i can give you some other code to use instead of {{hint:__}}

I’d love to see that code. I prefer the old ways! :slight_smile:

<a onclick="this.style.display='none';document.getElementById('myHint').style.display='inline-block';return false;" style="display: inline-block; cursor: pointer;">
<div position=bottom>Show Hint</div>
<div id="myHint" style="display: none;">{{Hint}}</div>

Add this to your front template.

My hint field is called Hint change those to your hint field name


Many thanks. Much appreciated!