Notes on back of a flashcard

Hello everyone,
I’m just wondering if there is an addon which lets you define an optional note on your flashcard.
If you click on a note-mark, a small-window appears with additional information.
This would be perfectly for those infos, like examples, which you may not always want to read/see when you flip a card. Otherwise the card would get messi.
Grateful for any suggestions!

It is possible to create this type of note without add-on

(for MED)

there is a MCAT specific as well

You can easily add this functionality to the note template yourself.
All you need to do is to add a field called “Extra” (or whatever you want) and put the following lines into the respective sections in the “Cards…”-editor:

Back Template


<hr id=answer>


<div class="extra">
   <button id="extra-button" onclick="reveal()">Extra</button>
   <div id="extra-content" class="hidden">{{Extra}}</div>

function reveal() {


.hidden {
   display: none;

.extra {
   margin-top: 1em;


This is a very basic example of course. If you want these things to look nice, you could take a look at some CSS tutorials and apply some styling to these elements.