Mac desktop superscript and subscript shortcuts not working - zooms main app window instead

Google says the shortcut for mac desktop subscript and superscript within a card you’re adding is:

cmd plus ‘+’ or cmd plus ‘-’, or shift plus cmd plus ‘+’ or shift plus cmd plus ‘-’

However, when I do this, the Zoom on the main Anki window increases (+) or decreases (-), whether I am highlighting text or not. The other keyboard shortcuts I use are working (e.g. add cloze, bold, italic, underline).

I do have “customize keyboard shortcuts” installed. I tried disabling and enabling it, but no change. I am on the latest stable release as of today, 2.1.26. I have not tried remapping the shortcuts, as I’d prefer they stay the default as that is intuitive for me anyway.

Here is a screenshare demonstrating the problem I am encountering:

Can someone please help?

I guess the zoom is due to the Anki Zoom add-on. Disable/Delete it if you don’t use it.
I use it on Anki 2.1.31 without encountering this problem.

Just to add a tip to avoid unnecesary future headaches is pressing Shift key while starting up Anki to load temporarily without add-ons. Then you can try to reproduce the issue and later on you just start Anki as usual.

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Solution works - Thank you! That’s what I get for installing add-ons I don’t understand. I appreciate your help.

I will try that next time. I’m guessing holding shift on startup creates a kind of “Anki Safe mode”? I’ve seen it referenced in other forum posts but haven’t tried it yet.