Lowering the Next-Day-Starts-At to Advance Cards

Would lowering the next-day limit to a number that is below the size of my last interval
push cards immediately to a 1d interval? If not how could I make that happen?

(for example, if I were to finish studying at 11:30 pm, my last interval remaining is 6h and the next day starts at 4 am in Anki)

Set Due Date > 1! – sets the due date to tomorrow and the interval to 1d.

That 6h interval already crosses the day boundary, so it will be converted to a 1d interval and available to study at 4am with the rest of the day’s cards.


Wait, so then what does Set Due Date 1 do without the exclamation mark?

Set the date without changing the interval. Browsing - Anki Manual


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