Lost a deck when i tried to sync it from my phone to my laptop

so I had a deck of 800 ish cards that I made. they contain a ton of images because i am a visual learner. i also downloaded a deck from my friend which is 3000 cards. I was studying both of these on my laptop. I also had my 800 card deck on my phone. I wanted to try to get the 3000 card deck to my phone as well but when i tried to do that, my 800 card deck disappeared entirely (from both my laptop and my phone). I found a backup option on my phone but that doesn’t restore images so that’s basically useless for me. I have no idea what to do… i worked on that 800 card deck for over a year.

please help me. This is absolutely tragic

When you accidentally overwrite your collection by syncing in the wrong direction, it does not delete your media files, so if you import the backup into the same profile, the images should appear again.