Localisation in new statistics view

The responsive statistics view for Anki Desktop is more useful than the previous version; thank you indeed for this. I would like to bring attention to some localisation problems, at least with French, of which you may already be aware.

In the statistics view…

  • « All history » is not localised at the top.
  • When I hover my mouse over the graphs, the floating box is not localised properly for any chart except the calendar view (second from top).
  • « Card counts » header is not localised.
  • Below the « Revisions » graph, the summary text has a HTML   that’s not rendered. By the way, French and Swiss who concern themselves with typography prefer the espace fin insécable on either side of guillemets, colons and other punctuation, rather than   or nothing.

Thank you again for your development efforts.

Hi Sacha,

The translations are contributed by Anki users - if you’d like to help out, please see https://translating.ankiweb.net/#/

I don’t think the translation site will work with a normal space at the end, but you could try pasting in a espace fin insécable to replace the  .