Lists in two different languages, Anki gets confused

hi everyone,
I must have done something wrong. I have lists in several different languages in Anki and when I added new words to a list in language A, Anki automatically modified the words with the same definition in language B. it’s horribly confusing and annoying.

example :
house - maison (french)
house - casa (spanish)

house - maison is already on my french list. if I add the word house to my spanish list, the word in French changes and it becomes :
house - casa (french) ???
house - casa (spanish)

do you know how to reverse that ? or at least to stop doing that the next time I’ll add words to any list ?

thank you !

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There are no “lists” in Anki, but rather than guessing at what you might mean by that, I think you should get familiar with the basic building blocks in Anki – Getting Started - Anki Manual . If you can explain what you’re actually changing, I’m sure someone can suggest another way to do it that will be less confusing.

I meant decks, not lists sorry.
I have a deck for French, another one for Spanish. but I imported a list of words in the Spanish deck and some words had the same front (House). in the french deck, the back of these words (it should be Maison) automatically changed (to spanish Casa). so now, in my French deck, I have some words in Spanish.

Okay, “decks” is fine – but it helps a lot to know that this was an import.

It sounds like you imported duplicates and let Anki update your existing notes. See the manual for more on what makes a duplicate – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual – and how to deal with duplicates during import – Importing - Anki Manual .

If you haven’t done much since then, your fastest path to recovery might be to restore an automatic backup – Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions . Then you can rename the notetype for your French notes to something unique, and re-import that Spanish deck so that it won’t update the French notes anymore.


I knew I did something stupid inadvertently. thank you very much for this clear explanation !

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