Linux unable to export

OS: Manjaro
This error occurs when I try to export as .apkg. When I try to export as .colpkg the exported file is hidden and I think it is probably corrupted because the hidden file is a zip document instead of having proper extension.

For the record, I do not have any antivirus or firewall enabled, my disk is not full, the documents are not on any network drive, files are definitely writable, my hard disk is fine and also I checked database. Yet I couldn’t figure out where is the problem.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Which version of Anki are you using ?

Is your Anki from the Anki website ?

Version: 2.1.49

And for the second question. No. The app is downloaded from repository.


I’m not sure what you mean by “repository”.

But anyway, uninstall your Anki, then try downloading from the normal site:


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More info: Linux Distro Packages - Anki Manual

This is why I had to install from Linux distribution repo. The installation from the website didn’t work. It is only showing empty window.

See the previous section of the link I posted above.

I think it would be interesting to understand why the repository version of Anki is not working, as Manjaro is supposed to be one of the few distributions with a working Anki packaged.
Could you please run anki in a terminal and post the output when the error occurs?