Error while trying to export decks

When I try to export decks, I get the following error-message:

DbError { info: "SqliteFailure(Error { code: SystemIoFailure, extended_code: 3850 }, Some(\"disk I/O error\"))", kind: Other }

(And empty files appear at the location, I wanted it to export in. Their names are f.e.: .xdp-test.anki2-vJnA1H or .xdp-test.apkg-pQcMfN).

I also tried to export it to the default-location and not changing it, then the whole programm freezes without an error-message

I have no add-ons installed, and I use the desktop version of Anki on Fedora.

What could be the reason for these behaviours?

Did you install Anki from the Anki website, or are you using something like a flatpak/distro package?

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I used flatpak. Now I have installed it via the official download, everything works as expected. Thank you for your reply!

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