Linux Ubuntu error when downloading

I’ve tried 5 different package of Anki 2.1.45-49 files an no one of them work. I’ve even tried using the software installer and when following the instructions I get this error .

The Anki version in the Ubunto Software app is old, and seems to not have been updated.

I coincidentally found the solution thinking I’d just try once more with the app already installed through the ubuntu store, and that did the trick. For some reason the install went through as an update when I already had it installed through the ubuntu store (through which I could not update the app from within the app itself)

Though now there seems to be a new issue I can’t reopen the app

Is it possible your Anki collection folder 'permission is set to be forbidden to open?

The error message indicates you’re opening an old Anki version without downgrading from the newer version first.

Your issues with the latest version are likely due to missing libraries: