LingQ cards not displaying the question/term the question

Long time user of AnkiDroid, with >10,000 cards. I’ve imported cards from various sources, and a large portion are from Lingq. Today all the LingQ cards don’t display the “question” (which that form of card calls “term”). It’s just blank. When I tap “answer” it shows the correct answer/info. All other sources of cards still work. Any clues here? Thanks!

Can you display the question in Anki Desktop?

Could you screenshot the Front, Back and when editing a card

I don’t use desktop. And it looks like my attempt at a screenshot failed. Definitely not my day?

Wait, the shot worked! Here are the two shots of what I see when I reach the card and then answer it. You can see the question upper part is blank.

In the Edit card screen, Could you click Cards:LinQ card

Then copy Front, Back and style, and paste here using Preformatted function (symbol looks like this </>)

type or paste code here

Which version of Ankidroid are you using? (Settings > about)

I’m using 2.17.0.

I have an old phone with 2.16.5, in which it works fine. But unsynched, and very far behind.

I’ll try to grab those screenshots.

I couldn’t figure out the paste function you referred to. So screenshots for each follows:


Which version are you on? Settings > about

If you’ve just upgraded to 2.17, this could be a night-mode problem. Removed Features

Try changing themes in settings and see if the text shows up.


Danika, you nailed it. I use it on dark setting. Switching to light setting worked. Thanks so much! Now I just have to figure out how to display it dark/reversed somehow. The white background kills my eyes!

Could you make a post in to ask devs to update their note type?

Share this post there, so others can find help


Yes, done. Thanks for the idea.

Is there a way I can change the card type from LingQ to some other that will work? When I try, I get a message saying all info will be lost, and so far the card types I’ve chosen (like “basic”) then don’t have the fields populated, so I end up building a whole new card anyway. With a few thousand cards from LingQ, that’s not viable.

You can “clone” that notetype to make a new one for yourself (give it a distinct name) Adding/Editing - Anki Manual, change all of you notes to that type Browsing - Anki Manual, and then make whatever changes you want.

I wish I even knew what that means!

Wouldn’t you be lucky if I had put links in that message with the sections of the manual that explain exactly what I’m talking about? :wink:

Haha! I would be even luckier if 1) I understood what all that means in those links, and 2) I could do it with the confidence of not blowing up my 3.5 years worth of work! :slight_smile:

This will work as a safety net to revert changes if the note type get messed up or just use backups (optional, you can just jump to step 2)


  1. Top right: 3 vertical dots > Manage Note types > Add: Clone: LingQ Card Model V1 (rename to avoid confusion)


  1. Tools > Preferences > Manage note type > same as above

  2. Manage Note type > Edit cards > Styling: Copy and paste the content below in this cloned note type

.card {
  --text-color1: black;

.card.night_mode {
  --text-color1: white;

.title {
   color: var(--text-color1);

/* filter could also be used */

.title {
    color: red;

.night_mode .title {
	filter: invert(100%);

Couldn’t find in AnkiDroid

Browser > Select cards from LingQ Card Model V1 > right click > change note type > newly edited clone

Ok, I think I get it. Desktop is Ankiweb?

Not quite.

AnkiDesktop is the “computer” version to install on Windows, Mac, or Linux . It is the most fully featured of the apps.

AnkiWeb is the website version, which is good for studying in a pinch, but not for anything like this.