Line spacing different in editor vs review

Hi all!

Why is the line spacing different when using the editor and reviewing the card?

  • MacOS
  • Version 2.1.48

Because the editor and the review do not use the same renderer, and in particular I think the editor does not take into account the css defined in the card template (style section). In general, the editor will be halfway between the source and the final rendered version, since it has both to be editable and to give a preview of what the card will be.


Ok, thanks. I’m wondering why it changed compared to previous Anki versions.

To add to what BlackBeans said, you probably already know how to change the card appearance in the reviewer, but if you want, you can change the editor’s appearance too, with kleinerpirat’s addon here CSS Injector - Change default editor styles - AnkiWeb


Thanks for the suggestion! I tried but didn’t manage to change the line spacing, what do I have to do exactly? Thanks in advance!