Limited questions

Hello Guys,

After 30 questions the system tells me “congrats u have finished the staple”
But i wanna continue learning. It doenst update daily. so i cant play this staple anymore.
The only way is to convert this staple into a user defined staple.
Is there a simple trick in settings to avoid this problem ?
Btw i have this problem only on the mobile edition. On desktop everything is fine.
Could u pls help me ?

Anki is based on the idea Spaced Repetition. The idea here is that you should rather spend your time on learning other cards, and not just repeat the same cards over and over.

Anki will eventually show you those cards again, once it thinks you might have forgotten them.

So at this point you could:

  1. Create new cards with new things to learn!
  2. Download a shared deck with stuff you want to learn.

Some more info: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

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