My Anki keep saying Congratulations you have finished studying when I haven't?!

I have 1000s of cards I haven’t studied or need reviewing. In the last few days every time I go on anki it won’t let me study and it keep saying I have finished?

please help!! exams approaching

The same happens on the app and web.

the online version is working, just not the app or computer downloaded version?

I have tried it just keeps glitching - so confused

This looks like you may have hit a bug. I’ll look into what’s causing this. In the mean time, I suspect you can avoid the problem by going into the preferences>review>scheduling screen, and enabling the v3 scheduler.

The problem is caused by inconsistent capitalization of your top level deck. If for some reason you don’t want to update to v3 yet, you can swipe across the top deck and rename it to something else (and rename it back afterwards if you wish), and it should resolve the issue.


Sorry, I misunderstood the issue then

Thank you SO much!!