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Hi there,

I just started using Anki and created some staples (I copied pasted text from word, which also includes bullet points). When I go to preview I see that the entire text is displayed in the center and because of my bullet points the design is not so nice to read. Is there any way i can left align all my text? Thanks for your help!!

( I have no German, so I’m using the English names for buttons. Some of what I say assumes you’re using the Basic note type.)

  1. Click the Style button.
  2. At the end, insert:
.card .back {
  text-align: left;
  1. Click the Back Template button.
  2. Between the <hr id=answer> and the {{Back}} insert:
<div class="back">
  1. At the end, insert:

You can do the insertions by copying from this reply and pasting into Anki. On the two pages on which you’re inserting (pasting), white space, e.g., blank lines, are ignored, so you can feel free to insert those, too.


Since you want all content left-aligned, a simpler way is to click on the Styling button, then just change ‘center’ to ‘left’.

Thanks, but where can I find this “styling” bottom? I do not see this option…

I found it :slight_smile:

Hey Marlene,
the button worked for you? On my pc it didn’t. Did you find another solution, maybe an addon or something for this problem? :slight_smile:
best greetings,