AnkiDroid: How to get left-aligned text?

Hello, on Mac the text is left-aligned but as soon as I want to learn on AnkiDroid (Samsung S23) the text is centered. Is there a easy way to get all cards left-aligned? It’s hard to read the noted when they are centered and quite annoying to learn. See picture:

Check Settings > Appearance > Center align if it’s off. My AnkiDroid version is 2.17-alpha but I think the option is similar in other versions.

Already checked that and it was already off and still centered. :confused:

Open Notetype editor and go to Styling page. Is there text-align: center; in card class(.card)? As below for example.

.card {
    font-family: arial;
    font-size: 20px;
>   text-align: center;
    color: black;
    background-color: white;

If do, change it to left. If you can’t find the text-align style, try to create one manually.

That setting is about vertically centering content.

There are [at least] 3 places that this center alignment could be coming from:

  1. Notetype Styling (as PilgrimLyieu mentioned)
  2. Card template formatting
  3. Formatting in the note field (which you might only be able to see in the HTML view)

The thing that I’m noticing is that the bullets are left aligned – or at least, aligned separately from the text. When I’ve seen that, it’s usually because of <div> tags inside the list tags – which suggests #3. But the fact that it’s different between Desktop and Droid suggests it could be platform-specific styling in #1.

You may have to check all 3 spots to track it down. Feel free to post any of those here if you have questions about what you find when you check them.


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