How do I Set cards alignment in Android Anki?

Whenever I put up new card on ankidroid, it always center-aligned. I need it Left-aligned, how to do it?

Must I do it one by one?

This kind of styling is controlled with CSS, and more specifically the text-align attribute.

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Where to put those code on ankidroid?

Go in Browser, select a card, scroll down, click on Cards: Card 1, …, then on CSS at the bottom right. Some code should be already present, don’t overwrite it, just add your own at the bottom. You have to do this for every note type, not for every note.

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If you’re wondering which CSS to add, you could set the text-align property like this:

.card {
  text-align: left;

It will be set to center by default. Just change it to left (or start):