All text aligned to center, how to change it back to left aligned

I don’t recall how I changed text align to center, then after that all my text are always showing center-aligned. No matter how I used edit function to set new alignment, it would not work. Please kindly help to solve this issue, thanks!

It is usually centred, I think. You can check the manual.

If you wish your text (Front and Back) left-aligned, then you will have to change the HTML used to display the card. It is not difficult, if you have never done this before, but do make a back-up first.

  1. Select the deck in Anki on your computer.
  2. Select one of the cards in the displayed list. Usually the first is automatically selected.
  3. Click the button Cards… .
  4. You will see a field, most likely {{Front}} in the large text box (panel) on the left. Insert a line before it with the following HTML.
    <div style="text-align:left">
  5. Then on the line below {{Front}} , put the following HTML.

That wraps your Front field in HTML that tells the display engine to align (i.e. justify) the text to the left.


Thank you soooo much!!!

After click “Cards…”, I click “Styling” and changed “text-align: center;” to “text-align: left;”. Now I got my cards align texts to left.
Without your suggestion, I wouldn’t find out the “Styling” function. Truely appreciate your suggestion!