Learning many decks


I want to learn 5 different topics at a time.

I put everything in one big deck.

The problem is now: I created one topic about a year ago and want to learn it now with new created cards through the next month. I want to learn every topic simultaneously, but Anki just give me the cards from the deck that I created one year ago.

Is there a way to fix how Anki set the order?

It is also important for me to learn the things in the created order.

In this case, it’s better to separate the diffferent topics in different subdecks, and then set a “New card limit” in each of them. For example:

  • Main deck (New card: 25)
    • Topic A (New cards: 5
    • Topic B (New cards: 5)
    • Etc…

When you click in the main deck, you will study a total of 25 new cards, 5 from every subdeck. If “Insertion order” was set to “Sequential”, Anki should show them in the order you created them.


I was not sure that it is possible to set decklimits for decks seperatly and went over an old thread of you. I will try it in the next monring and hope it will fix my problems.

Thanks for the fast help <3

I had a similar but slightly more complex situation. Might be interesting to have a look the post below.
Another thing is that I had to use the “old” spaced repetition learning mode. Cannot remember exactly what was the problem with the new one, but I think it was around the “mixing from several decks”.

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