Learning cards first.Clarification

I want to make sure I set up the deck correctly. So, my cards should be collected from all sub-decks in order - first the oldest, then the newest. At the same time, I mean that I will first learn сards that I am currently studying (step 2, 3, etc.), and only then news and reviews ones. At the same time, different cards from the same deck should be slightly mixed so that they do not follow each other, so that my brain does not become attached to the sequence. So, am I set up correctly?

Do you mean cards in learning? Then you should set up Interday learning to show before reviews, no? I wouldn’t do that personally though.

I think the rest is fine.

I dont know if it have a role,because as anki said

So, anyway the interday learning card will be first. Or I am wrong?

If you mean you want them gathered in the order of the subdecks, you need to change “New card gather order” to “Deck” – if you mean you want them gathered in number order regardless of what subdeck they are in, you’re good.

Cards that are in short learning steps will always be prioritized and shown as close to their due time as possible. If they are “overdue” already, they will be shown first.

Cards that are in learning steps that crossed the day boundary (e.g. 6h step when the day boundary is in 3h, or steps of 1d or longer) are “interday learning.” If you want those to come up first with your other Learn cards, you should set “Interday learning/review order” to “Show before reviews.” I like all my learning cards first, so I do that too.

The “interday learning cards will always be gathered first” (so they will always fit within any daily limit), but this Display Order setting controls what order those cards are shown to you when you study.

You have your New cards set to come after your Review cards.

For the New cards gathered today, you’ll be seeing all of the Card1s (in random order), followed by all of the Card2s (in random order), etc. – without regard to what Deck they came from.
For the Review cards due today, you’ll be seeing them without regard to what deck they came from.

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They will be gathered before everything else but the display order needs to be show before reviews, right?

btw it may be a typo but you don’t really say the plural of new as news. new is adjective and not a noun. say new ones instead xD

also with reviews you either say reviews or review ones and not reviews ones.

thanks, english is not my mother language, and I still learn it. I have not bad lvl, but still do some basic mistake unfortunately.

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[You’re technically correct – except when discussing Anki, we regularly refer to cards as News, Learns, Reviews, Suspendeds, etc. Nominalization of adjectives is accepted and pretty common in English grammar.]

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Didn’t know that. I know normalisation but news still sounds weird because it becomes another word. Plus we generally don’t put an S after these words. If people here do it then fine I will still prefer new ones over news.

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