Keystrokes in Add dialog produce unwanted side effects in the Browse and Review windows

When hitting the [return] key – and certain other keys – in the Add dialog, the keystroke is received by Browser and Reviewer windows causing undesired side effects. For example, typing [return] in the Add dialog will accept the default/highlighted rating in the Reviewer window.

Is this a bug that should be submitted on Github?

I can’t seem to reproduce this - when the add screen is focused, enter doesn’t trigger the buttons in the main screen for me. Please try the steps on the following page to see if they help: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

In the first screen capture below, observe that 1) the Add dialog has the focus; and 2) the Review window’s “Show Answer” button also has focus. In this configuration, when I enter content into the Add dialog and then type CMD+Return to add it, the result is the second screen capture below. Clicking the resume button returns a different card than the one I was originally reviewing when I invoked the Add dialog. I doesn’t appear that the “Show Answer” button is pressed, but this is still unexpected behavior. The expected behavior is that after the submitting the Add dialog, the Add dialog is cleared and ready for another entry, and the Review window remains unchanged throughout.


When you add cards, Anki needs to rebuild the study queue, and that can result in a different card being shown. The upcoming release handles this better if I recall correctly.

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