Keeping Your Progress When Switching to Scheduler 2.1 Beta

I want to switch to the Anki 2.1 Beta Scheduler. However, I’m hesitant because I’ve read in the manual that it will erase all your progress thus far. I have over 14,000 cards learned, so I don’t want them all to be new cards again (took me over 5 months to get through them). If I have a backup, once I switch over, would I be able to upload that backup and continue my progress with the new scheduler?

Sched v2 only resets cards in learning ( not graduated) as new, not all learned cards which will be either mature or young.

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Got it, so if I have 936 “Young+Learning”, only those will be reset, correct? The rest will remain normal in their regular schedule?

Only learning cards will be reset (searchable by is:learn in the browser). Young cards won’t get affected.

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Ohhh got, it, thank you so much!

Must read: ( how to enable / disable V2)