Keeping tags exclusive to certain decks?

I’ve been using Anki for over a year for Spanish flashcards, and I have a pretty extensive organizational system just for that language.

I’ve just started learning Korean and am creating a new deck, but an issue I’m running into is that the tags for all decks are mixed in together. So for example, I already have a tag for “weather” that I use for all my Spanish weather-related vocab. If I want to segregate my Korean vocab the same way, using a “weather” tag for those words, it dumps the Korean deck words in with the Spanish.

What I’m wondering is if there is a way to have tags associated only with certain decks - or is the only solution to have a complete secondary tag set that is labeled with an indicator for the different language?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I think your best options are:

  • to use nested tags: e.g. Spanish::Weather, Korean::Weather
  • to just use simple tags like Spanish, Korean, Weather, Grammar etc. and then, upon surfing the Browser and/or creating filtered decks, use multiple search terms at once: e.g. "tag:Spanish tag:Weather" will only show spanish weather-related cards

I didn’t know nested tags were a thing - I’ll look into that option. Thanks so much!

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