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Japanese input with ibus/mozc buggs out when adding/editing notes

I’m on Pop Os! writing in japanese characters using ibus with mozc and it works great. Anki it playes nicely with anki, but when adding and editing notes my ibus crashes as soon as i write anything and i have to switch to my default input method for it to reset.

Any idea why this would exclusive to ankis note fields? All other inputfields, i.e the search bar, works just fine. Another wierd thing is that it sometimes doesn’t chrash if there already is some japanese text in the field before writing.

Which Anki version are you using?

Please make sure you always hit enter to remove the underline/popup before clicking into a different field/adding a note/etc, as performing actions while there’s a pending string can cause the toolkit to bug out. You could also try the latest qt6 beta version to see if it helps at all.