Issue with created filtered deck

Hello All,

I am confused about a result with filtered decks.

After starting and using Anki in a wrong way, I am moving everything into one deck and work with tags and it works quite good until now (at least that was my impression).

But yesterday I got into an issue.

When I am in the browser, I can see my tagged deck, which I called “Lesson_69”. When I click onto it, I have 22 cards in it and the filter is called: “tag:Lesson_69”

If I now created a filtered deck and filter by “tag:Lesson_69” some of the cards are missing. I have only 12 cards in the filtered deck, so what am I doing wrong, what am I missing here? Does the underscore make a problem but if it would, how can I see part of it? I had the feeling, in the past, I didn’t face such an issue.

Does someone have an idea, what is going wrong here?

Thanx a lot,


OK, after some experiencing around I was able to find the cause.
Comparing the cards, I saw, that under “Due” the cards, which were shown, had a date, while the ones not shown where flagged as “filtered”. I then took those filtered cards and gave them due date today, which is “0” and after that, when I set up the filtered deck, it worked.

Easy when you know how :wink: