Is there an easy way to add a tag to a large number of cards in deck?

Hello all, I am trying to figure out if there is an easy way to add a tag to a large number of cards in a deck?
Example: I have 10000 cards in a deck. I have 800 cards in this deck that cannot be easily identified with any filter. I want to add a tag to these 800 cards. Opening each card and adding the tag is too tedious. Please let me know if there is a quicker way to do this.

Select the notes in the browser view and add tags using the menu.


How do you expect to add tags to a group of cards that you cannot assemble, if not one by one?


Thanks for replying. All 10000 cards use the same note.

Thank you for replying. I figured out a slightly better way than doing it one card at a time.
In case it will help anyone else, here is what I did:

All my 10000 cards share the same note and have a field that have unique values. Let’s call this field “Word”
For the 800 cards that I needed to identify in the deck, I already had the “Word” values for these in a spreadsheet. Let’s say some of these values were - cat, dog, ball, bat etc.
I manipulated this spreadsheet to create a single line of text that reads:
Word:cat OR Word:dog OR Word:ball OR Word:bat etc.
I copied this line of text and applied it into the search field in the Browse window and I was able to successfully retrieve the cards.

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Incidentally, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you truly cannot express an Anki query that matches the set of cards you want to tag (or perform any other operation onto), you can also perform the “lazy” way: just wait until you review a card, and at that moment tag it (or anything else). Usually, it doesn’t matter when you do the modification as long as it’s before the next review, so doing this is fine.

When you say ‘card’ you probably mean ‘note’, and when you say ‘note’ you probably mean ‘notetype’: Getting Started - Anki Manual
You can easily search for all cards or notes of a certain notetype, e.g.: "note:Basic" (Yes, the search keyword is unfortunate.)