How to add a tag to all cards of specific note type

Hi there.
I have a deck with different note types and I want to tag some of the cards.
There is one note type in the deck of which I want the cards to always be tagged with the specific tag.
How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Click on the notetype from the browser’s sidebar then hold Ctrl and click on the deck name on the sidebar too to show the cards. Then select all cards and use the Notes > Add Tags menu item.



unfortunately that does not answer my question since I would still have to find the cards of the specific notetype (which are supposed to always have the tag) and tag them manually.
My question is whether I can already somehow inscribe a tag into the note-type, so that I can avoid doing what you suggested.
Do you also have an answer to that?

Abdo’s solution works fine, but remember you have to be in Search mode (the magnifier icon) in order to select several items from the sidebar cith CTRL.


You can also do the same search manually:
note:your_note_type deck:your_deck

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I don’t think there is way to link a notetype with a tag automatically in vanilla Anki.

Thank you both,
I did not know that searching after a note-type was possible. This is not optimal but it will definitely help me.

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