Is it possible to add a tag to a single card that is associated with a note whose note type define multiple card types?

We all know that a given note type can have multiple card types (for those that are not familiar with this topic, read note at the end of this post.)

I have defined a note type and define 4 card types for that specific note type. I have noticed that when I add a tag to any of the card types of that specific note, the tag is added to all the other card types (behavior A). The behavior I would expect is that the tag is added to that specific card (behavior B).

I have these questions:

  1. Is behavior A expected behavior?
  2. Is there a setting so that Anki has behavior B?
  3. Are there any plans to implement behavior B?

Note: The feature of a note type having multiple card types is useful for users since information that is stored in the fields can be presented in multiple ways. For example, the user could have a note type with the fields “German word” and “Spanish translation”, so the user could define two card types for that note type, one card type that shows the German word in the front card, and one that shows the Spanish translation in the back and other card type that shows the Spanish translation in the front and the German word in the back.

Tags, like fields, are shared by all cards of a note. When you need to single out a specific card, you can either restrict your search to a specific card template, or use flags.

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It is unfortunate that leeches are marked using tags, as a leech should apply to the card rather than all cards for the note type.

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If you use a search like tag:leech prop:lapses>7 you can limit the matches to the cards with high failure counts.

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@dae Ok, thanks!

I was asking because I wanted specific cards to have some tags, but this is not possible, as you mentioned.

Since in my workflow, I require different cards to have different tags, I decided not to use card types and instead create multiple note types. Thus, tags would be added to specific notes and I would avoid the situation where tags have to be shared between cards.

I personally believe that if it were possible to add tags to specific cards, the user would have more freedom to configure his/her workflow. If the user wants his/her cards to share tags, he/she can select the desired cards and then use “Add tags” (by default, bound to Ctrl+Shift+A) (I’m aware that this would require more effort).

Here’s another idea: A configuration option under Preferences could be created so that the user can decide whether tags should be shared by cards or not.

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