Is there a way to export statistics?

my account is connected to my very old Android phone which has my old decks and stats.

Now I want to recover those stats to my desktop(where all my study and decks are)?

but if I Sync upload my old Ankidroid data ill lose my desktop data and stats!?
and if I Sync download to the Ankidroid ill lose my desktop data and stats !?

so all I care about is the statistic in my old phone, is there any way to recover my Ankidroid Statistics?

:warning: Back up first, just in case

Assuming the decks are different on your PC and phone:

You can export the decks individually on your phone via long-pressing a deck and selecting “Export”.

Export scheduling and media when you do this

You can then import the decks into Anki Desktop by opening the files on your computer.

After all is done (and the stats look good), back up the AnkiDroid folder on your phone, do a download from AnkiWeb on AnkiDroid and keep both devices in sync from now on.

Only a small number of changes require a full sync to occur, most syncs are incremental and can be done by both the Anki Desktop and AnkiDroid without overwriting files.

Please let me know if you need more advice.



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thanks a lot! , it worked, and appeared on the review heatmap :slight_smile:

but this let me wonder if I ever imported a deck with a schedule that’s means I will get its statistic too,
so is there any way to delete/clear the statistic of this certain deck or for certain days/times from my history?
just asking out of curiosity!