Deck from phone to PC


I got a new computer. I downloaded anki.
How can i send my decks from my phone to my new computer

Thanks a lot

Set up an AnkiWeb account. Login to this account on your phone. Upload your data. Login to the AnkiWeb account on your computer. Download the data.

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How do I dowload/upload my datas?



I found something.
I export my decks from my phone via mail

I download my decks from my mail on my computer.
And it goes on my ankiweb (computer)

Magic :wink:

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If you want to use the Decks on both the phone and computer, you can “sync” your progress!

Using the link that ferophila posted, you can create an Anki account. Log in with that account on both your phone app and your desktop.

  1. To sync your progress/decks FROM your phone:
    I’m not sure if it looks the same on iPhone as Android, but for AnkiDroid, you can just pull down to refresh, or click the sync button in the top right of the main screen (the two arrows forming a circle).

  2. Then click “Sync” on your Desktop application :slight_smile:

But if you just wanted to move the Deck, sounds like you figured it out!!

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