Is there a feature to display all clozes from different fields?

Hi, I am trying to design an easy template for verb conjugation card. I thought to have different fields for specific verb forms and bind it all together in Front and Back template.

This is my Back Template for Card:

<table class="table">
<tr class="row">
<th class="cell">I {{cloze::I}}</th>
<th class="cell">We {{cloze::We}}</th>
<tr class="row">
<th class="cell">You {{cloze::You Singular}}</th>
<th class="cell">You {{cloze::You Plural}}</th>
<tr class="row">
<th class="cell">He / She / It {{cloze::He / She / It}}</th>
<th class="cell">They {{cloze::They}}</th>


And I declare clozes in Fields in Notes.
Verb: {{c1::Ser}}
Meaning: {{c2::To be}}
I: {{c3::Soy}}
And all others like this.

However, when I declare clozes in different Fields, than generated cards do not display other clozes besides just the one for card. Both in Front and in Back Template. The main cloze for this Card is displayed (either hidden cloze or full word) but all others are empty strings.

Is there a way (plugin / different syntax / css) to show all other clozes in both templates?

Thank you for your help

AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb → then activate cloze one by one

Alternatively, you might be interested in:

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