Is there a add-on for copying multiple fields from one card to another?

I need to consistently copy a number of fields from one card to another. Is there an add on that I can use for this where I don’t have to do this for each field manually all the time?


Anki 2.1.45+ supports adjusting sticky fields directly from the editing screen. If you click on the pin icon on the right of a field, Anki will not clear out the field’s content after a note is added. If you find yourself entering the same content into multiple notes, you may find this useful.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what I’m after (though it’s a good addition).

I have cards with sentences on them matched with words (+ definition, audio, etc). I often duplicate the card so that I can make a new card with a different word in the sentence. Then I want to copy the word information (several fields) from another card onto the card I’ve just duplicated.


To be clear the function/add on I’m looking for would be called something like “multiple field copy” it would work something like this.

  1. Select all the fields you want to copy in one go (this remains the same).
  2. Click on the card click “multiple field copy” then go to the other card and click “multiple field paste”.

If you make several of your field „sticky“ all the content from these fields is copied into your next note and can be adjusted there. This is literally multiple field copy.

But the problem is this all the content is created already I’m not adding any new notes as such.

Here is my current process (imagine there are 20 fields).

a) I duplicate a card (with an add-on) with all the sentence information that I need (10 fields for sentence information).
b) The other ten fields contain the word information. This already exists on another card with a different sentence.
c) Currently I’m copying and pasting each field for the word information from one card to the new card (so effectively I’m creating a new note merged from two existing notes) - this is laborious because it’s being pasted over bit by bit (especially as I’m doing this frequently).

It would be good if there was a faster way to do this.

I do mostly vocab/sentences with Anki and I have a main list in a spreadsheet program. It seems like it would be easier for you to do your note creation that way. It’s very easy to copy and paste to multiple cells(fields). There are plenty of free ones out there. Google Sheets also lets you export as .csv which is what you can import to Anki. You should be able to keep the deck you have, and make changes to the information while keeping any scheduling information you might have already.

Thanks, I do a lot of work with spreadsheets and Anki myself but what I’m doing is on the fly during study. Still this may be slightly faster if I just bracket off the newly created cards in another deck and then do the copy and paste in a spread sheet at the end of study.

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