Is it possible to automatically merge fields?

Is it possible to automatically merge the contents of two or more fields across all notes in a deck (or across all selected notes)? Or to put it differently: Is it possible to take the content of one field and append it to the content of another field for all notes in a deck?

Try checking this add-on: Advanced Copy Fields - AnkiWeb


Great, thanks a lot! That was exactly what I was looking for!

In case anybody else with the same question comes across this post in the future, here’s what you need to do:

  • After installing the add-on, open the “Browse” window and select all the notes for which you want to merge the fields.

  • Open the “Edit” menu in the menu bar and select “Advanced Copy…”.

  • As “Action” select “Custom”.

  • As “Destination” select the field in which you want to put the merged content.

  • Clear the content of the “Template” box. Then from the “Insert” drop-down menu select the field whose content you want to appear in the destination field first and click on the button to the right to add the respective field name in curly brackets to the template.

  • Add any other fields to the template whose contents you want to appear in the destination field as well in the same way. Make sure to separate the fields by spaces or any other symbols or text.

  • Example: Merging the fields “Source” and “Author” into the field “Source”


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