Is it possible to have several cards that share the same answer field but with different question field content?

I’d like to make multiple cards that share the same answer field, and what I mean by that is that whenever I edit the answer field in one of them, every card that shares the field is edited as well. I’ve read the manual but it doesn’t mention anything like this; google didn’t help either.

My best solution so far is using an autokey script to edit the desired cards but it still takes time, and it’s not exactly error proof.

Apologies if this info is in the manual.

Hi, you can define a note type with several fields, one containing the answer and the rest different questions. You can define different card types then, e.g. prompting you like this:

Question 1
Answer A

Question 2
Answer A

Question 3
Answer A

Please see the manual:


Hi ferophila thanks for your reply, I managed to do it. Your 2 lines where more helpful than the manual in this case :smile:

Anki is the only application where I read the manual from beginning to end. I can only recommend a concentrated reading, there is so much to discover.


Indeed, I should have read it more carefully. I’ll definitely read it from start to finish when I find the time. Thank you again for your reply, you just saved me a lot of time.

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