Is it wise to backup Anki to iCloud?

I use Anki on my iPhone and Macbook.
I have my iPhone set to automatically create an iCloud backup of the phone periodically. The total size of my iPhone backup is 30GB, and of that 20GB are from Anki. Since I am syncing with AnkiWeb regularly, do I need to sync Anki to iCloud too?
I’m assuming almost all of this 20GB is media. If I turn off iCloud, does the media get backed up anywhere?

It is still on AnkiWeb, if you sync regularly.

If you regularly sync with AnkiWeb, then your media will be backed up to AnkiWeb when you sync. You can also check preferences>backups inside AnkiMobile, and delete some of your older automatic backups if you wish to free a bit more space.

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