Is it possible to debug webviews on AnkiMobile?

Hey all,

On Ankidroid, I am usually able to inspect the webview directly using chrome dev tools. Quickly looking into how to do the equivalent for iOS, there was a point listed in this blog that says:

You can only debug webviews in applications loaded onto your device through Xcode. You can’t debug webviews in apps installed through the App Store or Apple Configurator.

Given that AnkiMobile is closed source, does this mean that it is impossible for end users like myself to inspect the element and debug problems with templates? I unfortunately do not own a Mac, so I can’t test this directly (which is why I am asking here before asking other people people to try).

P.S. To avoid the x/y problem, the main problem that I’m trying to solve is debugging why certain parts of my template don’t work on AnkiMobile. Usually, I’m able to debug this myself by inspecting the webview and seeing stuff like CSS for each element and any console errors. If there’s any other way of debugging templates on AnkiMobile, any info on it would be greatly appreciated!

@krmanik mentioned recently that he’s successfully used eruda console on iOS.


This looks perfect! I’ll update this thread later with whether we get it working or not. Thank you!

@krmanik Me and another person tested the eruda console out on AnkiMobile, but we were only able to see the basic console log. In particular, the other tabs such as “elements” do not show anything. Do you have a similar experience?

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