[Feature Request] Support for WebView inspect in iOS on windows

I use this to debug Safari on windows in chrome chrome://inspect/#devices. I have tested Firefox and Chrome on iOS WebView also and it is available in inspect tab.

So, I think this should be feature request for AnkiMobile to debug the WebView on windows with option to enable Web inspector.

Enabling the Inspection of Web Content in Apps | WebKit

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install ios-webkit-debug-proxy

npm install remotedebug-ios-webkit-adapter -g

remotedebug_ios_webkit_adapter --port=9000

I’m not familiar with remotedebug-ios-webkit-adapter. Are you just asking me to enable isInspectable?

Thats correct, isInspectable is helpful.

I’ve made a note to add it when I have a chance.


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