Is it possible to create a Markdown link in Obsidian that opens directly in a specific Anki deck?

I’m currently using Obsidian to organize my notes and study materials, and I have a question regarding Markdown links. Is there any way to create a Markdown link in Obsidian that, when clicked, opens directly in a specific deck in Anki?

I’ve been leveraging Markdown links to streamline my study flow, and now I’m looking to refine it further by connecting directly to a particular Anki deck. Has anyone attempted something similar or knows of a solution for this within the Obsidian and Anki integration?

I appreciate any insights or advice you can share!

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I don’t think it is possible to do what are you asking with Markdown, but the plugins can roughly achieve similar results
Plugins - Obsidian

I haven’t found any plugin that does this. Possible solutions would be using Python programming

Exemplifying this Redirection:
:white_check_mark: [Google] (https:/ - (Works)
:x: [Anki] (C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Anki.lnk\DeckName) - (Not Working)

i have been promoting someone else’s plugin for a long time.

it solves these questions.

no one cares.

i dont know why.

ps to make it clear, it opens a specific card/note (which i still dont know the differences much), may be in each deck you have to have a dummy card in your case.

would you help me with this?

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