Converting markdown files with frontmatter to Anki flashcards?

I’ve only started playing with Anki a few hours ago. I’m trying to convert markdown files to Anki flashcards.

I have a personal dictionary of markdown files created in Obsidian with a bunch of cool words and I’m going to start learning a new language soon and I’d like to be able to use this system to add new words and revise words.

This is the frontmatter:


Ideally, it would show the Word field and then once I click it shows the Definition and Etymology fields.

How can I convert markdown files with this format to a Anki flashcards?

Is this possible somehow?


There are plenty of resources regarding this and other scripts on the Obsidian forum.

If you started with Anki just a few hours ago, I would read its manual first, then build a simple notetype for my use-case, add some vocabulary manually and try it out for a few days or weeks, just to see what works from a learning perspective.


Good idea! But generally, is it possible to query information from frontmatter like in my example?

E.g. that Word becomes the front and the other stuff the back?


This should be possible.