Markdown import support

Would it be possible to save these 5 cards without losing formation?

Natively I only find the option for HTML.

Reference: Text Files - Anki Manual

You will need an add-on that provides Markdown import.

Could you recommend something?

My .txt is ready to import, but it is in Markdown formatting.


No, as I haven’t used such an addon in ages.

But look here:

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Sometimes you ask a question at just the right time!

Yanki: A new Markdown to Anki synchronization tool – was just announced on reddit today.


So far I haven’t found any addons.

I have a .txt file

The **survey** included multiple-choice answers.;**survey**: 1. A general view, examination, or description of something | 2. The act of measuring and recording the details of an area of land or sea | 3. A set of questions or a questionnaire used to gather information about a group of people or a topic
Eagerly **hello** the new student.;**hello**: 1. A greeting used to begin a conversation or acknowledge someone's presence. | 2. A way to initiate contact or get someone's attention. | 3. An expression used to answer a phone call.
The artist created a **masterpiece**.;**masterpiece**: 1. A work of outstanding artistry or skill | 2. A person's greatest or most important work | 3. An exceptionally well-done or impressive example of something
The **student** attended the workshop.;**student**: 1. A person who is enrolled in and attends a school, college, or university | 2. A person who is learning or studying a subject | 3. A person who is devoted to learning or studying a particular field
The **test** results are due soon.;**test**: 1. An examination to measure the qualities or abilities of someone or something | 2. A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something | 3. A trial or experiment to assess the suitability or effectiveness of something

I tried using this command, but it breaks the formatting for Anki.
pandoc -f markdown -t html ./saved_sentences_and_definitions.txt

Did you look at the page-ful of add-ons already linked?

In what way does it “break” the formatting? What doesn’t work? This is likely going to be something you troubleshoot through “pandoc” because if it outputs HTML, Anki will read that just fine. But you’ll have to describe the issue better to get help from anyone involved in that project too.