Is it possible to change the order of the cards created?

In the browser I can display the tabs in the order “created”. Can I arrange the cards in my personalised order? How?

You have to utilize a sort field. Browsing - Anki Manual

If your goal is to change the order new cards are introduced in, you can use the Reposition action in the menu bar.

No, it’s not my goal. I want to arrange the cards in a personalised way IN THE BROWSER when I use sort by “created”. So basically I want to change the date the note was created

And what next?

This would somehow defeat the purpose of having a creation date entry, wouldn’t it? You probably want to use the creation date as a proxy for an other aspect of the card that you actually care about, so the “good” solution would be to leave the creation date be and sort according to something else.

And that is what @O3nnM7LP5GzFMBS hinted to. You can create a new field for every note that that you want to filter this way (let’s call it Date), set to whatever you prefer, then tweak the Browser Appearance, which is a special template used only in the browser, to something like <div>{{Date}}</div>. Then, you have to manually set that field to the date you prefer (keep in mind that it will be sorted alphabetically, so you’d be better off padding with zeros and as little endian, like 1960-01-31, 1960 01 31, …

While I agree it is probably not that very practical (espcially because you would have to update existing notes too), it is:

  1. feasible, which I don’t think is the case of changing the created attribute of a note;
  2. automatable, in the sense similar add-ons already exist (I know one which will create such a field with a unique identifier, instead of the date, for example), so either you can try developing an add-on that does that automatically yourself, or ask if someone is willing to do so (it shouldn’t be that hard to code).

Yes, but who cares?
Anki will continue to operate in the same way even if the cards creation date is fake. And I will be able to arrange my cards in a more structured way. Anyway, thanks for this advice