Is it possible for duplicate detection to check the deck being added to only?

For example, if I am adding to my language study deck the word “tea”, I don’t want the duplicate detection to notify me about a collision in another one of my decks that has the same word but serves a different purpose (which is why they are in different decks).

The “show duplicates” prompt is handy, but since I have multiple decks with a lot of overlapping concepts, pretty much every time I’m adding a card it’s required that I open the duplicates menu to verify if the duplicate is in the deck I’m adding to, or if it’s in another deck.

It would be nice if there was a menu option that dictated how the collision detection worked, or if the “show duplicates” text could give a little additional information, such as “show X duplicates found in selected deck”, “show X duplicates found in other decks”, “show duplicate (X in other decks, Y in selected deck)”, you get the idea.

Thanks again for the great product.

You can control that by using a different note type. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

Remember that you’re adding a Note (not cards). The cards Anki creates from that Note might go into one deck, but they could also all go into different decks.


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