Is it possibe to accept either of two answers as correct when using cloze delitions?

Sometimes, when using cloze deletions I’d like it to accept several answers as correct.
For example, the sentence:

“I like this cafe. The staff here IS/ARE really friendly and efficient.”

in this case, either “is” or “are” verbs can be used correctly. So I’d like Anki to accept either verb as correct one.
The syntax could look like this:

I like this cafe. The staff here {{c1::is | are::to be}} really friendly and efficient.

But I couldn’t find any information about it. Is it possible to do? Maybe there is some addon for it?

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It’s not possible in vanilla Anki, I don’t know about add-ons. But keep in mind, that accepting multiple answers likely results in worse memorisation, because you’re essentially handling more than one piece of information on a single card.
In your example, you could use {{c1::is / are}} instead, and demand of yourself to name both valid forms.